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Timmy T-Rex

Timmy T-Rex is ready to explore your local
jungle. He’s strong and fearless. Mud, rain or large
tropical bird droppings can do him no harm.
Timmy T Rex is easy to clean, so he can always
show his big white teeth!

Pippa Pony

Pippa Pony rides again! Leave her outside the
stables or the sweet shop and she won't mind.
She's made to stay pretty whatever the weather.
Isn't she great company? And so easy to attach
to most t-bar scooters!

Danny Dino

Danny Dino can't wait to join you on your
expeditions. This scootahead is a tough little creature,
robust enough to withstand a little 'desert' storm or a
tad of ice age rain. Just wipe him clean and keep him
on your scooter for as long as you like.
(Perhaps a little less than a million years).

Lovely Lola

Lovely Lola is neighing with excitement. She
wants to join you on every ride, come rain or shine.
A little bit of mud or rain can't spoil her cute face –
just give her a little wipe, and she's as good as new.
If only you were that easy to clean!

Cheeky Charly

Cheeky Charly loves splashing through puddles and frolicking
in green fields. Getting dirty is never a problem -
a quick wipe is all you need to show off Charly's
lovely silver star again

Pretty Pearl

Pretty Pearl loves chasing rainbows and play with fairies. With her magical powers she is going to lead you on lots of amazing scooting adventures. Despite her dreamy looks she's a tough cookie. Just wipe her clean and Pearl will look pretty again

Surfing Sammy

Surfing Sammy has a great sense of adventure. Despite his razor sharp teeth he has a heart of gold. Mud and dirt don't do him any harm. Just wipe his thick skin clean and his cheeky grin is back.


Elsa is the latest edition to the Scootaheadz stables. She is the biggest fan of ‘Frozen’ you can ever imagine and loves playing in snow and ice. Simply wipe her with a damp cloth once you’re done playing


Bella Friendship comes first for Bella. She’ll ride with you through thick and thin and will stay by your side no matter what. And at the end of your adventures just dust her off with a damp cloth and she’ll be as good as new.

Scootaseatz aqua

Scootaseatz aqua Scootaseatz are specially designed to take your cuddly buddy for a ride. Just strap them in and off you go on new adventures.
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